The SAM Initiative creates giving opportunities for like-minded women who want to be involved in their community.  We work in partnership with the organizations we fund, delving into their needs, and evaluating how best we can help.  Our members form deeper connections with each other and with the community at large.


The SAM Initiative
Smaller Donation Commitment
4 Meetings

SAM focuses on improving the lives of women, children, and families in the Greater Los Angeles area.  There are four meetings per cycle, and more opportunities for further involvement through leadership and subcommittee positions. The process includes presentations by organizations, proposal reviews, site visits and due diligence oversight done by members, and an awards ceremony. Committee participation is optional and members may join at any point in the giving cycle, which runs from October through April.

SAM Social Enterprise
Larger Donation Committment
2 Meetings
SAM Social Enterprise (SE) was launched in 2015 with the vision that market-driven approaches are essential to addressing social challenges. SAM SE invests in cutting-edge organizations that use a sustainable profit-making business model to create societal change. Key partnerships with educational institutions streamlines the participation process for members, putting our extensive due diligence process in the hands of social entrepreneurship students, helping them develop skills to become leaders in this movement.